Q. What is Give4Marion?

Give4Marion is a 24-hour fundraising event hosted by the Community Foundation for Ocala/Marion County, raising money for local nonprofits through a single online donation platform. On this day, we come together to raise as much money as possible for local nonprofits, to connect donors to community needs and to strengthen nonprofit capacity. The Community Foundation intends to build a stronger community for everyone… one passion at a time. 

Q. When is it?

Give4Marion is on October 20, 2020 from 10:00:00 a.m. to October 21, 2020 at 10:00:00 a.m.

Q.  Which organizations are eligible to participate in Give4Marion 2020?

Give4Marion is open to all 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofits that are headquartered and/or provide services in Marion County, Florida are eligible to participate. Additionally, all participating nonprofits will be required to attest that they are in compliance with state mandated fundraising laws prior to being able to collect donations.

Q. Why should my organization participate?

Give4Marion is a great way to boost your organization’s fundraising efforts. Give4Marion provides eligible nonprofits the opportunity to reach potential new donors and provides the type of visibility that only a county effort of this type can generate. To make the most of these efforts your organization should register to ensure that your profile on the site is prepared well ahead of the Give4Marion day and is custom-branded to tell your story.

Q. How can my nonprofit participate?

You can check out the support article to walk you through the process, or you can email Lauren@ocalafoundation.org for more information

Q. How much is the cost to participate for nonprofits?

The Community Foundation for Ocala/Marion County charges a $200 entry fee for nonprofits to participate.

Q. Who can donate?


Q. What forms of donations are accepted?

MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express donations are accepted through the website. No donations via check, cash or stock will be accepted online. Please make these gifts in-person during business hours on October 20 or 21, 2020 at The Community Foundation offices, 324 SE 24th St, Ocala, FL 34471.

Q. What is GiveGab?

GiveGab is a nonprofit giving platform that helps nonprofits to raise money, engage donors and manage volunteers quickly and efficiently. GiveGab offers a full portfolio of simple and easy to use products that allows organizations to function in a more streamlined manner.

Q. How will donations be distributed?

Each donation made to a participating nonprofit will be disbursed directly from GiveGab via direct deposit within 5 business days

Q. How much of my donation will go to the nonprofit? Is there a minimum gift?

Donors have the option to have 100% of their online charitable gifts to go to the receiving organization. Donors can fully cover all campaign and processing costs at the time of donation.

There is a 4% processing fee and a 2.5% (+ $.30) bank fee for donations made using all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express). Donors have the option to cover these costs in addition to their gifts.

The complete breakdown is as follows:

3% GiveGab service charge for building and maintaining a highly secure hosting site. This covers the building and maintenance of the website, live event customer service, donation processing, and other resources.

2.5% + $0.30 credit card charges on all gifts made with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. These are standard charges from each credit card company for donations made online. If you give to multiple organizations in one transaction, this fee will be charged to each separate gift within that transaction. Individuals who donate more than $100 will be given the opportunity to pay via electronic debit. The associated fee is $3.00 per transaction and would take place of the 2.5% + $0.30 credit card fee.

1% service charge to the Community Foundation to cover the management costs, year-round event planning and management, nonprofit trainings, nonprofit support services, sponsorships/support and financial services (auditing prize winners & processing prize checks).

Minimum donations are $10 during the 24-hour Give4Marion event. All donations are final and cannot be refunded. Any donations processed outside of the 24-hour window given through GiveGab.com, or subsequent recurring donations are subject to transaction fees outlined on the GiveGab.com pricing page: info.givegab.com/pricing.

Q. Can I make donations via a mobile device?

Yes! Simply visit www.Give4Marion.org.

Q. Is my donation tax-deductible?

When donations are received through the website, a receipt is automatically generated for the gross amount of your gift and emailed to the address you provide. Your tax professional can advise you on the tax deductibility of the donation.

Q. May I pay a pledge with my gift?

Since Give4Marion is designed to generate new support, we are unable to accept gifts to pay off existing pledges.

Q. May I use my donation to buy event tickets, museum memberships, or other things that provide me a benefit?

No, donations may not be used to pay for anything that might be perceived as a material benefit to the donor, advisor or other disqualified person - including dinner tickets, membership fees, golf fees, admission tickets or other gifts.

Q. What if I can't find my favorite nonprofit on the website?

If you can't find them on the site, they may not be participating in the event this year. After the event, please encourage the nonprofit to contact us so we can be sure they are ready for next year.

Q. Who will receive my contact information?

The organization(s) you choose to support will have access to your name and email address. This information is used solely to send thank you messages, provide the option to receive future notifications, and to notify you of future activities.

Match FAQ

Site-Wide Match

For Give4Marion, a site-wide matching minute is made possible by a $10,000 gift from the Adam Hanson Better Communities Fund. While funds last, all online donations up to $100 made at www.give4marion.org will be matched from 11:30 a.m. - 11:31 a.m. on October 20. This match will show up on every organization's profile and will show -in real time - how much of the matching dollars are left. While funds are available, every online donation made to your organization will trigger an automatic offline donation of the same amount (up to $100 per donation). Your total raised on your profile will increase the by the amount the donor gave times two.

Important Details about Matches

Matching dollars do not show up on the leaderboards. So, the total on your profile and the total for your organization on the leaderboards WILL NOT match. Matching dollars do not count towards prizes.

The matching dollars WILL NOT be directly deposited in your bank account. The direct deposits to your bank account will include online donations only. You will receive a check in the mail for matching dollars and any prizes you are awarded during the 24-hour period. These checks will be mailed in the weeks following Give4Marion.

If you have already secured matching funds for your campaign, you can choose to run your match at the same time as the site-wide match and promote it as "triple your impact" or you can hold it in reserve for a while to see how long the site-wide match and promote it as "triple your impact," or you can hold it in reserve for a while to see how long the site-wide match lasts. In your Give4Marion dashboard, you can set the start (and end) time for your organization's matches.

When it's gone, it's gone. We have no way to predict if the matches will create a bonanza of giving and be gone rapidly or if they will last for the full minute. We encourage you to have your donors plan to give during the match period(s) to be sure to benefit as much as possible.

Promote the match. We encourage you to promote the matching funds to incentivize your donors. Please be clear in your promotion that matching funds are limited. Please avoid blanket statements like "Every donation will be matched."  This may lead to disappointment by your donors if they don't get around to donating until after the funds have been expended.